The Canadian immigration laws, regulations, policies and procedures are frequently changing. In the changing environment, we can navigate you through the challenges and advise in  a broad range of immigration services like:

  • Permanent Residency;

  • Business immigration; 

  • Family class sponsorship; 

  • Work permits; 

  • Temporary resident visa;

  • Study permits and Citizenship.

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We provide a wide variety of services including:

  • Buying & Selling Businesses;

  • Incorporation & Starting Businesses;

  • Commercial Contracts;

  • Residential and Commercial Leases;

  • Reorganization, Amalgamation and Dissolution;

  • Shareholder Agreements;

  • Franchise, Distribution & Dealership Agreements;

  • IT and IP Agreements; and

  • Landlord & Tenant matters etc.

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We offer cost effective legal services in the real estate matters like:

  • Purchase & Sale of Residential Properties; Purchase & Sale of Commercial Properties; Property Development & Project Management Agreements;

  • Leases (Landlord and Tenants);

  • Joint Ownership Severance;

  • Real Property Agreements;

  • Title Transfer; and Assignments. 


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  We can provide assistance in family law areas: 

  • Family Mediation;

  • Negotiations and Settlements;

  • Domestic Contracts;

  • Separation Agreements;

  • Pre-nuptial Agreements;

  • Family Property, Support Payments and Equivalizations; and

  • Division of Property (including Matrimonial Home).

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We can provide services relating to Wills, Trust and administration of Estates:

  • Preparation and Execution of Wills;

  • Review and update on existing Wills;

  • Preparation of Personal Directives and Living Wills;

  • Preparation of Enduring Power of Attorney;

  • Preparation of Power of Attorney (Property);

  • Preparation of Power of Attorney (Personal Care);

  • Estate Planning, Administration and Advice per Executor’s Duties and Obligations; and

  • Preparation of Representative Agreements.

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