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Start-ups, Artificial Intelligence and emerging Technology businesses

Depending on the intended purpose, there are various considerations for choosing an appropriate business entity for your Start-ups, Artificial Intelligence and emerging Technology businesses. We can extend strategic and practical legal services to a client dealing in start-ups, joint-ventures, acquisitions, and assist our client in understanding, negotiation, drafting agreements and documentation relating to:

  • creation, incorporation, and establishment;

  • licensing, distribution, outsourcing, and services;

  • teaming, acquisitions, joint ventures and partial/complete Sale of businesses;

  • software development, out-sourcing, and services;

  • technology licensing and intellectual property protection;

  • e-commerce, internet, social media and advertising;

  • websites term of use, consumer protection, and privacy policy.

We can also provide a wide variety of services to Individuals, Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, and Private and Public Corporations. The areas of business law services can be summarised as follows: 


We can assist you in several corporate law areas like:

· Incorporations and Organization of Ontario and Federal Corporations

· Incorporation of Professional Corporations

· Advice on business structures

· Drafting of various agreements to run businesses

· Advice on protection of intellectual property

· Advice on employment matters, non-disclosures and other agreements

· Partnership and Shareholders issues

. Due Diligence in transactions



The Commercial Law is a rapidly changing area of law due to technological advancements and many other business factors. We are extending our services in the following areas: 

· Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and other business combinations

· Corporate Reorganisation

· Purchase and Sale of Assets and Shares of businesses

· Shareholder/Partner Buyouts

· Shareholder, Partnership and Joint Venture Agreements

· Independent Contractor Agreements

. Customer and Suppliers Agreements

. Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements

. Non Solicitation and Non Competition Agreements

. Negotiations and Commercial Leases

Intellectual Property 

· Trademarks

· Copyrights

· IP and Technology Agreements

· Technology Transfer, Licensing and Trade Secrets

Information Technology

· Incorporations and Organisations

· Mergers and Acquisitions 

· Software Development, licensing and outsourcing Agreements

· IP and Technology transfer, Licensing and testing Agreements 

· Collaborations and Teaming Agreements

· Services, Support and Maintenance Agreements

· E-commerce sale terms and conditions 

· Websites Privacy, disclaimers, Terms & Conditions

· Employment, Non-disclosure and Non-Competition Agreements


Franchise, Distribution and Dealerships

· Franchise, Distribution and Dealership Agreements

· Disclosure Agreements

· Supplier Agreements 

· Lease Agreements

· Employment and Non-Disclosure Agreements

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